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A surfer surfs a giant wave

Maya and the Wave

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Exclusive German premiere

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Forces of nature, health problems, over-critical judges: Brazilian big wave surfer Maya Gabeira has already had to cope with a few setbacks. Today, she is the best big wave surfer in the world. But it was a long road to get there. MAYA AND THE WAVE is an impressive portrait of a sportswoman fighting for recognition in the male-dominated world of big wave surfing - and showing the world that women are capable of anything.

A woman with long light brown hair smiles into the camera

Maya Gabeira

2 x World Record Holder
7 x Big Wave Award Winner

A giant wave

Film information

Length: 1h 35 minutes
Directed by Stephanie Johnes
Edited by Jordana Berg, Stephanie Jones, Shannon Kennedy

Please note:Suitable for persons over 6 years (acc. to FSK)