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Open Air

The International OCEAN FILM TOUR Vol. 10 goes OPEN AIR!

From June 2024 on a big summer tour in the most beautiful open-air cinemas in Germany.

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The new face of the ocean: Frank Gonzáles Guerra

'Never Stop Surfing' is the motto of the up-and-coming surfing community in Cuba. And the passionate Cuban surfers could do with a motto alongside solidarity, courage and a lot of passion.

In this year's surf film "Havana Libre", Frank Gonzáles Guerra, this year's face of the International OCEAN FILM TOUR, campaigns with a group of like-minded people to legalise surfing in Cuba and have it recognised as an official sport. For historical reasons, the Cuban authorities are more than suspicious of water sports and, above all, materials that could be used to leave the country by water.

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Trailer — The new face of the ocean: Frank Gonzáles Guerra

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Film images Vol. 10

Born to Windsurf

© Victor Couto / Red Bull Content Pool

Film images of Born to Windsurf for download

The Return to Antarctica

© Sea Shepherd

Film images of The Return to Antarctica for download

Havana Libre

© Seth Brown

Film images of Havana Libre for download

Ice Mermaid

© Dan McComb / Melissa Kegler

Film images of Ice Mermaid for download

Older Than Trees

© Save Our Seas Foundation

Film images of Older Than Trees for download

Maya and the Wave

Presented by Int. OCEAN FILM TOUR

Exclusive German premiere – Only in selected cinemas

Forces of nature, health problems, over-critical judges: Brazilian big wave surfer Maya Gabeira has already had to cope with a few setbacks. Today, she is the best big wave surfer in the world. But it was a long road to get there. MAYA AND THE WAVE is an impressive portrait of a sportswoman fighting for recognition in the male-dominated world of big wave surfing - and showing the world that women are capable of anything.

Press release (in german)

Film images

© Maya and the Wave

Maya and the Wave - Open Air

Maya and the Wave goes OPEN AIR too!
From June 2024 on a summer tour in the most beautiful open-air cinemas in Germany.

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About the International Ocean Film Tour

We organize film events of the highest quality that enthusiastically convey stories, knowledge, and inspiration. The International Ocean Film Tour's film program includes sporting highlights, topical features on ocean conservation and activism, and extraordinary adventures on, in, and under the water.

The International Ocean Film Tour reaches a broad audience connected by a shared interest in the vitality of our oceans. It provides a platform for individuals and organizations actively working to preserve our planet.

Each new volume aims to reach as many people as possible with ambitious, future-oriented entertainment and to provide new ideas and enduring inspiration.

Our passion for outstanding documentary content and our love for the ocean and desire to actively contribute to its protection provide us with consistent and determined motivation.

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